Non-standard size wooden pallets

Image showing a top close up of a wooden pallet
Image showing a close up of some wooden pallets
Image showing a wooden pallet

Excel Packaging specialises in producing bespoke or ‘odd sized’ non-standard sized wooden pallets which are typically used to send difficult-to-ship objects. Made to your exact specifications, we can produce large or small pallets and we don't have a minimum order quantity. These bespoke pallets can be built up from a pallet base to a box configuration and can be open slatted or solid deck. 2-way or 4-way entry options are also available.

All finished wooden packaging products which are made with softwood are clearly stencilled with our unique ISPM-15 identification mark (Registration No. FC0783) to ensure compliance with international standards and to demonstrate their suitability for use worldwide.

Excel Packaging is a member of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme and is approved by the Forestry Commission to provide ISPM-15 certified wood packaging which has been heat treated to 56°C for a minimum of 30 minutes (56/30) to kill any pests present in the wood.