Frequently asked questions

Who are Excel Packaging & Insulation Co Ltd?

We are a family run specialist manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of custom-made protective packaging solutions and thermally insulated boxes based in Rickmansworth. Our packaging services and delivery are available across the UK.

Is there a minimum order quantity or order value?

No, there is no minimum order quantity or value. We offer the flexibility to fulfill even single-unit requests for any of our designs. Just let us know your requirements. Carriage on very small quantities is usually charged separately.

Do you charge for packaging samples?

For simple packaging designs we do not usually charge for samples, although there may be a carriage charge depending on the size of the item and the delivery location. For more complicated work involving CAD design/development and/or tooling, a sample charge will be agreed with you in advance. On occasion, and with our agreement in advance, the cost of producing an initial sample can be offset against the production order by simply reducing the final manufactured quantity by one unit.

Are your quotes conditional on quantity?

We can offer price breaks if requested. If you order less than the quantity originally quoted, your order may need to be re-priced before production can commence.

What is your sample approval procedure?

For new jobs, an initial sample design requires approval. In cases where the initial sample is created using a different manufacturing process from the one intended for full production (e.g., the initial sample was CNC knifed but production will use die-cutting), a 'first-off-the-tool' sample, produced with the actual production tooling, must be provided for final approval before commencing full production. Tooling and sampling will be chargeable up-front in these circumstances.

Why do you charge for tooling or CAD origination?

All tooling and CAD origination is quoted separately and is chargeable. Paid-for physical tooling will be exclusively used for your job and you will retain full title to it. However, when physical tooling remains unused for more than 12 months, due to storage constraints, we may dispose of it. CAD origination/design and any drawings created by us, can take considerable time to create and may include intellectual property, design rights, or involve proprietary manufacturing techniques unique to Excel Packaging, so the title to these remains with us.

How are your goods delivered?

We offer nationwide delivery using our own transport and third-party carriers. Standard packaging for most foam products arrives in clear or black polythene bags (minimum 30% recycled content), taped securely, and labelled. Specific packaging requirements (such as palletisation, boxing, etc.) must be specified at the time of ordering and may incur additional costs.

What are your lead-times?

The despatch date, or the date your products will be ready for collection, will be shown on the Order Acknowledgement you receive for every order placed. Subject to the availability of sufficient stock materials, this will generally be 10-15 days from receipt of order, but it could be longer for more complicated and/or higher volume jobs. This will usually be communicated at the time of quoting. For non-account customers, all lead times are from receipt of payment.

What are laminations?

To increase thickness, layers of foam can be heat-welded or laminated together.  Laminating allows us to optimise material yield, often lowering costs. Laminating creates a visible join line in the material. If this is not acceptable, you must specify this when requesting a quote. Be advised that the finished item may incur additional charges as a result.

Is polyethylene foam recyclable?

Categorised as a class 4 material, non-cross linked polyethylene foam (LDPE) is 100% recyclable. The durability and recyclability of non-crossed linked polyethylene foam makes it an ideal material for protective foam packagingapplications.

Why has my foam changed colour?

If flexible polyurethane/polyether foam is exposed to sunlight (UV) it can suffer from discolouration. This is because it is not UV stable, so it can change colour (bleach or turn yellow) over time. This can be avoided by preventing it from becoming exposed to UV whenever possible. All polyurethane/polyether soft foam packaging produced by Excel Packaging is supplied wrapped in black polythene bags, or boxed, to help prevent it from being exposed to UV during distribution and storage. There can sometimes be slight variations in colour during manufacture, but performance will not be adversely affected by this.

Any other questions

Should you have any other questions regarding our products, materials or processes, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01923 770247 and we will be pleased to assist you.