Corrugated cartons & stock board grades

image showing brown and waste cardboard or recycle paper on white background
image showing empty open cardboard boxes on blue background
Image showing a cardboard box

Although our core manufacturing capabilities centre around foam and honeycomb board packaging products, in many cases these materials are glued on to corrugated cardboard or packed loose within a corrugated carton. Excel Packaging manufactures short runs of many different FEFCO designs and can produce either regular ‘slotted’ cartons or diecut designs in the following ‘stock’ board grades; 150KT/B, 150KTB/C, 200KT/B, 200KT/BC, 300KT/B, 300KT/BC, 150KT/C, 150WT/B, 150WT/BC, 150KT/E, 150WKT/E. We also stock and can convert heavy duty 530CA flute board. Other board grades are also available to order.