Honeycomb board

Image showing honeycomb board stacked in deposit large cells
Image showing cardboard packaging
Image showing shaped cardboard packaging

Paper honeycomb board is a light-weight packaging material made from virgin or recycled (testliner) papers. The inner structure of paper honeycomb board gives it a high compressive strength, which can exceed 70PSI. The material takes its name from the shape of its hexagonal inner core resembling the honeycomb built by bees. It is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and is available in a wide range of different thicknesses and grades.

Our in-house design team provides environmentally sustainable,  cost-effective protective packaging solutions made from paper honeycomb material and tailored to your specific needs. Typical designs include end-caps, trays & lids, layer pads, corner & edge protectors, carton/crate dividers & liners. The use of special design techniques, such as partial-depth cutting, allow the honeycomb board to be ‘hinged’ in order to create one-piece foldable fittings, optimising material usage and reducing pack assembly times and storage space.