Flexible polyurethane foam (Polyether foam)

Image showing sponge foam roll back
Image showing flexible polyurethane foam boxes close up
Image showing a foam-lined box

Commonly referred to as ‘Polyether’ or ‘soft polyurethane foam’ (PU), this type of foam is an open-cell, flexible foam that boasts a seemingly endless range of applications. These foams are available in a range of different colours and densities (typically 12 – 30 kg/m³) and exhibit excellent compressibility. This flexibility enables the material to be compressed and deformed multiple times and still bounce back to its original shape/form. Anti-static and flame retardant grades are also available, together with 100% recycled material that is often referred to simply as ‘reconstituted chip-foam’.   

When it comes to cushioning fragile, high value items like glassware, crockery, electronic components, scientific instruments or medical equipment, custom-made protective packaging that incorporates flexible polyurethane foam often achieves the best results. Our manufacturing processes include die-cutting and CNC knifing. We can also glue polyurethane foam to other materials such as cardboard, Correx®, Honeycomb board and wood to create a bespoke protective packaging solution.