Egyptian set design using Excel Packaging products

Theatre, Film & Display Packaging

Excel has established its position as a major supplier to the Film Industry, Television and Theatre Companies, Shop Display, Exhibition, Themed Event and other similar industries supplying a wide range of products and materials to Construction Managers, Sculptors, Special Effects, Prop makers, Model makers, Scenic Artists and Designers amongst others.

We hold stocks of many commonly used products and materials and can also produce the finished article by employing manufacturing techniques ranging from hot-wire cutting and band knifing to routing and laminating.

Selection of adhesives available from stock.

Selection of adhesives available from stock

Products and Materials from Stock

We have built a strong reputation based on our ability to provide rapid solutions to problems by supplying many products and materials directly from our stock. These include expanded polystyrene block and sheet, hardcoats for polystyrene, Froth-Pak 2-component PU Foam Kits, Soudafoam Gun Foam and Evo-Stik 584 contact adhesive, moulded polystyrene spheres, rigid polyurethane foams, polyethylene foams and soft foams, as well as a wide range of specialist adhesives and sealants.
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Department store atrium flowers display produced by Excel

Custom 2D and 3D Polystyrene Shapes

We can produce complex 2-D and 3-D shapes and profiles in expanded polystyrene and many other foam plastic materials for props, models and a variety of scenic display applications including corporate logos and lettering for exhibitions, shop displays and themed events.
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Silhouette of camera man

Past Projects

The list of past projects with which we have been involved is both extensive and varied. Our involvement in these projects has ranged from the supply of stock products and materials to the production of complex finished shapes and structures.
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