Custom made boxes using crosslinked and non-crosslinked foams

Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Polyethylene foams are closed cell foams manufactured without the use of CFCs and HCFCs, making them better for the environment. These foams are recyclable and re-usable, and can be processed to create a variety of shapes, forms and fittings, providing resilient, high performance packaging solutions for your products.

Our custom made packaging comes in two types of polyethylene foams, crosslinked and non-crosslinked, which are available in a wide range of specifications to suit your needs. These foams can be custom made to your specifications in a variety of densities, colours and grades. They can be made from standard, antistatic, static dissipative and conductive materials depending on your requirements.

We apply a variety of production techniques to our foam packaging to your exact requirements. These techniques include die cutting, routing and laminating to substrates such as corrugated cardboard, wood and metals using specialist adhesives, or fabrication by heat welding. This means we can manufacture the foam packaging to your precise requirements using whatever methods are needed.

We're able to help you access packaging evaluation and reporting via an accredited testing laboratory. As an authorised fabricator approved to design and fabricate sealed air polyethylene foams, we can provide you with free access to the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) accredited package testing laboratory to provide packaging evaluation and reporting. This means you can get a report providing full details of the testing carried out to simulate the shocks and stresses normally encountered during product handling and a synopsis of the results. It's a way to ensure the packaging you design is suitable for your requirements. Call us to find out more about how this service can offer you peace of mind.

Custom packaging made with non-crosslinked polyethylene foam

Non-Crosslinked Polyethylene Foams

Stratocell®, Stratocell® Plus, Cushion-Ply®, Cellu-Plank®, Ethafoam® and Jiffycell®

  • Density ranging from 16kg/m³ to 150kg/m³ to suit packaging needs
  • Available in Standard and Antistatic grades
  • Resilient materials ideal for a wide range of protective packaging applications
Custom packaging made with corsslinked polyethylene foams

Crosslinked Polyethylene Foams


  • Density ranging from 18kg/m³ to 70kg/m³
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Ideal material for point of sale and display packaging applications where aesthetic appearance is considered to be important

We can also provide custom made packaging solutions using closed cell crosslinked ethylene copolymers such as Evazote® and Supazote® foam up to 120kg/m³ in density.

The datasheets provided below are in PDF format and will require Adobe Reader to view. You can download Acrobat for Free from the Please note this file may take several seconds to download.

Open Stratocell Safety Data Sheet in a new window (PDF format)Click here to download the
Material Safety Data Sheet for Stratocell ®

Open Ethafoam Safety Data Sheet in a new window (PDF format)Click here to download the
Material Safety Data Sheet for Ethafoam ®

Open Plastazote Safety Data Sheet in a new window (PDF format)Click here to download the
Material Safety Data Sheet for Plastazote®

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