Flexible foam packaging

Flexible Foam

Flexible Foams (sometimes referred to as Soft Foams or Polyurethane Foams) can be processed to create a variety of shapes, forms and fittings suitable for a wide range of protective packaging applications.

Excel produces custom made packaging solutions using flexible foams in a wide range of colours and density, from Standard grades to Static Protective and Combustion Modified materials. Production techniques include diecutting, profile / contour cutting, fabrication, and laminating to substrates such as corrugated cardboard, wood, plastics and metals using specialist adhesives.

The flexible foams available range in density from 13.5kg/m³ up to 220kg/m³ with a nominal hardness range from 65-85 N up to 950-1150 N thus allowing selection of the most suitable material for each specific packaging application.

The datasheet provided below is in PDF format and will require Adobe Reader to view. You can download Acrobat for Free from the www.adobe.com. Please note that some of the datasheet files are large and may take several seconds to download.

Open Material Safety Data Sheet for Polyurethane Flexible Foams in a new window (PDF format)Click here to download the
Material Safety Data Sheet for Polyurethane Flexible Foams

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