Expanded Polystyrene Foam Packaging

Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight (98% air), low cost rigid foam plastic ideal for a wide range of different protective packaging applications. It is manufactured without the use of CFC or HCFC blowing agents, has a zero ODP and is fully recyclable. It has a high resistance to compression and good shock absorption properties.

As a packaging material, expanded polystyrene is extremely versatile. It can be formed into an infinite number of different shapes in order to protect all sorts of different items.

For companies who are shipping fragile goods in cardboard boxes, expanded polystyrene end caps are a popular way of providing support to the item and cushioning it against impacts to the box. Loose polystyrene chunks are also commonly used to protect smaller items that are being sent in boxes.

Expanded polystyrene is generally white, but can be coloured using a flock coating. This process adheres fibres to the surface of the polystyrene in order to produce a pleasingly textured, coloured finish. Flocking is particularly suitable for packaging that is to be used in display cases.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements for expanded polystyrene packaging then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Chess set packaging created by Excel

Hot-wire Cut Polystyrene

Excel manufactures custom made hot-wire cut polystyrene in material grades ranging in density from 10kg/m³ to 40kg/m³ depending on the specific packaging application. The material can be supplied either in its basic white form or can be flock coated to improve it's aesthetic appearance for presentation packaging. Composite packs can be created by combining hot-wire cut polystyrene components with other materials such as corrugated cardboard or other foams to provide versatile packaging solutions.

Hot-wire cut polystyrene packaging products include:

  • Flat pads and infill pieces
  • Corners and edge protectors
  • End-Caps
  • Tray and Lid
  • Loose fill
Various moulded polystyrene containers

Moulded Polystyrene

A range of economical moulded polystyrene packs are available from our stock and includes:

  • Corner blocks
  • Mug packs
  • Wine and champagne bottle packs
  • Cold boxes

Many of these packs provide the ideal solution for postal packaging applications.

The datasheet provided below is in PDF format and will require Adobe Reader to view. You can download Acrobat for Free from the www.adobe.com. Please note this file may take several seconds to download.

Open Material Safety Data Sheet for Expanded Polystyrene in a new window (PDF format)Click here to download the
Material Safety Data Sheet for Expanded Polystyrene

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