A selection of custom made items created by Excel

Custom Made Packaging

Excel is a leading converter of industrial and technical foams and specialises in producing innovative custom made packaging for the protection of products during transit.

Our goal is to provide simple, cost effective solutions to your packaging needs by providing you with the most efficient custom packaging possible.

Custom made packaging solutions are created using a variety of manufacturing techniques including, Hot-Wire Cutting, Band-Knifing, Profile Cutting, Die cutting, Slitting, Boring, Routing, Laminating, Heat-Welding and Hot-Melt Gluing.


Design process

Packaging Design Process

Through our proven packaging design process we create protective packaging that will help you to minimise product damage, to improve packaging efficiency and ultimately to maximise profitability.
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Corrugated Polypropylene sheets

Corrugated Cardboard / Corrugated Polypropylene Sheets

Plain or printed regular and diecut style cartons and fitments in single, double and tri-wall cardboard grades, or corrugated polypropylene in a range of colours and grades (material thicknesses from 2.0mm to 10.0mm).
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Expanded polystyrene sheets

Expanded Polystyrene Packaging

Hot-Wire Cut and Moulded Polystyrene packaging ranging from plain pads and edge / corner protection pieces, to complex hot-wire cut or moulded packs.
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Polyethylene foam sheets

Polyethylene Foams

Crosslinked and Non-crosslinked polyethylene foams in a wide range of colours and density, Standard and Static Protective grades.
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Flexible foam

Flexible Foams

Flexible / Soft foams in a wide range of colours and density. Standard, Static Protective and Combustion Modified grades.
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