Environmental Policy

During the development and manufacture of our products we constantly endeavour to take fully into account the potential impact on our environment of the materials and processes we employ.

The key considerations integral to this approach are:

Foam Plastics

Whilst using high performance materials, tested in accordance with the new harmonised European Standards, at the core of our product range, we extensively select materials manufactured without the use of either CFC or HCFC blowing agents, having a zero ODP and that are fully recyclable.

The majority of the waste generated within the manufacturing process itself is ultimately recycled.


As part of our manufacturing processes we use exclusively water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives in order to minimise damage to our environment. No solvent based adhesives are used for this reason.


Where possible we try to minimise the environmental impact of the packaging used by packing finished products within lightweight polythene bags. Corrugated cardboard boxes, when used, are manufactured from recycled cardboard and are biodegradable.

We are an environmentally committed organisation that takes our environmental obligations seriously.

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