1. Determine the distribution environment Single pack or palletised multiples? | UK or export? | Own transport or carrier?
  2. Define product fragility and damage criteria Is the product particularly susceptible to damage? | What damage tolerance level is acceptable?
  3. Ascertain product Quantity and Value What quantity of product is to be considered ? | Is the product high or low value?
  4. Select the most appropriate materials What type and grade of material(s) is considered to be most appropriate?
  5. Design proposed packaging solution and itís cost Develop the most appropriate pack design and determine itís cost.
  6. Obtain outline approval for pack design and cost Does the proposed pack design and itís cost meet with the customerís outline approval?
  7. Produce prototype(s)
  8. Verify pack performance Assessment by customer or on customerís behalf | Assessment to a recognised industry standard (eg. ISTA) if required.
  9. Receive customer approval and confirmation order
  10. Fulfill customerís order